For You and Baby Campaign

For You and Baby is aimed at supporting Derbyshire families through pregnancy and the early years. The website includes myths and facts about breastfeeding and smoking whilst you’re pregnant, two of our local priorities. Useful local links to support services, health eating when pregnant and managing your weight during pregnancy as well as a Q&A.  

For You and Baby also promote the 250+ locations in Derby and Derbyshire that are in the ‘Breastfeeding Welcome Here Award’ scheme and will encourage shops, cafés, outlets – in fact, any public facing premises - to sign up to become part of this scheme.

Families still feel the stigma of breastfeeding in public and this campaign aims to challenge negative perceptions on breastfeeding in a public space.  

For the first time, this campaign will also be encouraging families to quit smoking – not just mum to be – as research has shown that pregnant women find it hard to quit smoking when their partners and families members also smoke. Visit:

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Mother Hub

Mother Hub has been developed to provide local information for the women and families of Derbyshire as well as being a hub for trusted information about pregnancy, birth and the early days with your baby. 

Within the website there is a section for partners called ‘Parent Hub’ which helps partners in how to support the pregnancy and preparing for becoming a parent. The website allows local people to search via postcode to find children’s centres, maternity units and breastfeeding groups in their area.  

Mother Hub aims to empower women by promoting choice and supporting men by sharing real stories and case studies from local families on their experiences during pregnancy, birth and the early days of parenting. Families can submit their stories and join the Mother Hub movement.  

Finding advice and information you can trust online can be difficult as there is so much conflicting, unreliable information from a Google search, and very little of it is localised. Mother Hub aims to be a one-stop hub for Derbyshire’s parent that is both local and NHS approved. Visit:

Last modified: 28/01/2022