Annual Engagement Report

The Derbyshire CCGs (Southern Derbyshire, North Derbyshire, Hardwick and Erewash, merged as NHS Derby and Derbyshire CCG) and created their first Annual Engagement Report 2018 - 19 which you can find below along with our latest report for 2019 - 20 which you can find here. Engagement in local healthcare commissioning and provision is one of the pillars of how our NHS works. Seeking and acting upon the views of our patients is crucial to ensure that we are matching the overarching desires and drivers of the NHS with delivery of services that meet local needs and accessible to our populations. Of course, we have legal duties of engagement and involvement, but we believe that these are delivered as a by-product of our desire to work with patients. 

It is well documented that 2018 - 20 has been a challenging year for the four CCGs in Derbyshire. Financial recovery, staff restructuring and a merger process to manage has seen us dealing with a number of difficult issues all at the same time. We have also come in for some criticism during this time around the level of engagement we have undertaken in our financial recovery planning and delivery. Some of this criticism has been fair, but much of it has not, although we have learned a number of lessons through this year’s process which will help us for the future. 

It shouldn’t be forgotten that as well as the challenges – and we have made significant progress with them as this report helps to explain – we have had many successes across a range of our service improvement programmes and in delivering the model of care agreed by our partners in the Derbyshire Health and Care system.   

 Our latest report highlights some of the work we have done to engage and involve people in our work as commissioners, in the difficult areas of financial recovery, but also in those areas where we have made real improvements to the lives of local people and the outcomes they are able to see as they interact with the local health service. The report also highlights where we have learned lessons and wish to strengthen our engagement approach as we moved into a single strategic commissioner with the launch of the new NHS Derby and Derbyshire CCG from 1 April 2019. Finally, the report highlights the various ways in which the new CCG will further embed engagement in our working, so that we can better demonstrate where we have involved local people in every part of our work.


Our latest report published February 2020 can be found here: 

Click here to read the Annual Engagement Report 2019-20.

Last Years report can be found here:

Click here to read the Annual Engagement Report 2018-19.

Last modified: 10/02/2020