Health and care pressure – what does it mean for me?

The pressures facing health and social care at this time are well documented and although most people would say they understand this, there is perhaps less understanding about what this means for individuals and what they can do depending on the health need at this time. To help with this, we have produced a short guide with the aim of providing more information about what to do in some of the most common scenarios. The guide offers advice on what to do if:

• You've got a health concern that you would usually call your GP about
• You or someone you know needs to go to Accident and Emergency
• You know someone who you think should be on a hospital ward
• You are on a waiting list for surgery

It also offers advice on maintaining general health. We would welcome any support you can provide to help as many people as possible access this guide.

Click here to download the guide.

Health and Care Pressure Thumb.PNG