The NHS 111 Online service is here to help you and your family

A student who was having trouble accessing the medical care she needed out of hours has shared her relief at discovering NHS 111 Online for the first time.

After struggling to book an appointment with her GP at the start of a busy Bank Holiday weekend, Emma Hunt thought that she “was out of options” to get the medication she urgently needed.

One quick search on the web later however, and Emma came across NHS 111 Online, where she was able to quickly get the information and the support that she needed to obtain her prescription sooner.     

Emma said: “I was in need of a doctor to issue a prescription during an out of hours period, so I searched online to see how I could obtain my prescription. Luckily, I came across NHS 111 Online, where after answering a few short questions, I was given the option for a doctor to call me back at some point in the following 24 hours.

“Within just 6 hours of submitting the form on 111 though, I had my prescription in my hand! I’m so glad that such easy services like this exist because I was out of options and would have had to wait days in pain before I could try getting through to my doctors, as it was a Bank Holiday.”

If you have a medical concern that’s not life-threatening and you’re unsure of what you need to do, your first point of call should always be NHS 111 – whether that’s over the phone by calling 111, or by visiting the NHS 111 Online website.

NHS 111 Online is an even faster alternative to the 111 phone service and is a more convenient option for people who want to access the service digitally, with users being asked to simply fill in their main symptoms and answer a few short questions to get the answers they need.

As with NHS 111, the online service can point you to the right service for you, based on your symptoms – whether that be to a GP, A&E or self-care – and can arrange a call back from a nurse, doctor or other trained health professional, to get you the support that you need.

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