Derbyshire reaches the half million mark

The latest NHS England statistics show that Joined Care Derbyshire has officially administered more than half a million doses of Covid-19 vaccinations in the 104 days since the programme began on December 8.

As of March 21, the total sat at 501,053, which represents a remarkable vaccination rate of just over 4,800 per day or roughly one vaccination every 20 seconds. It is also more doses administered than in the whole of Australia.

This incredible effort includes 481,148 first doses, while nearly 20,000 of those in the most vulnerable groups have now received a second dose to further improve their protection against the virus.

JUCD is third in the Midlands for the total number of doses and the number of first doses administered.


Constituency breakdown

Mid Derbyshire continues to perform well when compared with other parliamentary constituencies around England. It has the highest percentage uptake of any English constituency in the 65-69 age group, and is also in the top 10 for four other age groups.

The news is also good in the 75-79 year-old age group, where both South Derbyshire (4th) and Mid Derbyshire (7th) are in the national top 10 for uptake.