Joined Up Care Derbyshire Receives Approval for Next Steps in Development

Joined Up Care Derbyshire, the partnership of health and care organisations in Derby and Derbyshire, has been confirmed as a new Integrated Care System in the latest wave of approval announcements by NHS England.

Integrated Care Systems (ICS) bring together the NHS, local councils and other partners to plan and provide local services across the area they serve. They enable health and care organisations to join forces and apply their collective strength to addressing their residents’ biggest health challenges, many exacerbated by Covid-19. This means tackling health inequality, joining up care for those with multiple conditions, improving support for people with lifelong illness and supporting children to lead healthy lives.

It also includes workforce planning, quality improvement and the oversight of system performance including health outcomes, quality of care, operational and financial performance. The move to Integrated Care Systems represents the next step on the journey for what have previously been known as System Transformation Partnerships (STPs).

Last month, NHS England announced a proposal for ICSs to be given new statutory powers to take greater accountability for the performance and development of local health and care, including the commissioning of services, increased collaboration between service providers and adopting additional roles currently performed at a regional or national level.

Joined Up Care Derbyshire submitted its application to become an ICS in November, demonstrating that the local partnership had in place the required leadership, governance, partner relationships and performance oversight to be fully able to join up and transform health and care services in Derby and Derbyshire.

The approval from NHS England highlights the confidence in Joined Up Care Derbyshire to manage existing and future performance issues, in a system that has historically worked very closely together, not least to manage the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and confidence in the partnerships’ plans to continue to develop and improve.
John MacDonald, Independent Chair of the Joined Up Care Derbyshire ICS, said:

“This is very exciting news for the patients and staff who live and work within the Derby and Derbyshire areas. It reflects not only that our regulators think we are up to the requirements of the future delivery of health and care in our system, but also the excellent track record our services have in caring for patients on a daily basis.

“It is easy to be lost in the acronyms and terminology of such an announcement, but we must remember that first and foremost this is about improving health and care services for the benefit of local people, and that is right at the heart of our progress.

“Joined Up Care Derbyshire will be responding to the recent NHSE proposals around the potential future statutory role of ICSs, but in any event, today’s announcement is testament to the way in which we already have a tremendous health and care partnership in Derby and Derbyshire.”

NHS England announced the approval of eleven new ISCs on Thursday, and an NHSE Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens said:

“Now is the time to accelerate on integrated care so we have strong health and care systems serving every part of the country. The past year has demonstrated the importance of joined-up working. This will be just as critical as we work together to address the wider social and economic consequences of the Covid pandemic.”

“The new ICSs have won their status by demonstrating a “common vision” across their constituent partners and have shown robust operational and financial plans and proposals for collective leadership and accountability.”
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Published: 04/12/2020