Derbyshire’s Health Leader Backs Call to Sickest Patients

The Chief Executive of Derby and Derbyshire’s healthcare services has backed England’s Chief Medical Officer’s call for really ill people to seek NHS help.

Professor Chris Whitty spoke at the daily Downing Street Covid-19 briefing last night (16 April) to remind people with urgent or potentially life-changing medical emergencies to use the NHS as they normally would.

He explained that the Government really appreciated people taking pressure off the NHS for less urgent matters, but added: “It’s really critical for people to realise that if they’re having a medical emergency, a heart attack or a stroke or a really bad flare up of asthma, which could be life-threatening, the NHS is open for business, and they should go to hospital or contact NHS 111 where necessary.

“People taking pressure of the NHS by staying at home, and my remarkable colleagues creating capacity in the NHS, mean we’ve maintained the ability to handle emergencies – whether Covid or not.”

Dr Chris Clayton, Chief Executive of NHS Derby and Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group said: “Colleagues across the health system here in Derbyshire are here for you when you’ve got a serious medical concern.

“That might be contacting your GP if you’re worried about a mole that’s changed shape or grown larger, or by acting quickly and calling emergency services if you or a loved one is suffering what appears to be a stroke or heart attack.

“Do not hesitate to call on any of us if you’re experiencing a life-threatening or life-changing medical emergency. 

“Thank you once again to everyone for staying home, protecting the NHS, and saving lives, and to all NHS and care colleagues in these challenging times. 

“Look after yourselves and remember we do not want you to risk your life or wellbeing.”

Published: 17/04/2020