Musculoskeletal Spinal Education Videos

Presented by Mr Lee Breakwell, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

In order to support GPs and maximise their limited time, Lee Breakwell has kindly recorded a set of MSK educational videos related to spinal health. These videos mark a different approach to providing educational support from secondary care to GPs as we know how difficult it can be to attend a physical education event alongside your other commitments.  

Following the release of the Red Flags video in February’s newsletter, we are able to share the full set of videos provided by Lee which take approximately 1 hour to complete, these cover:

  • NICE guidance and pathways (11m 13s)
  • Examination of a patient in a short time (8m 22s)
  • Assessment of a patient with radicular leg pain (19m 27s)
  • Imaging (8m 55s) Red flags (6m 14s)

We have also included accompanying slides from the videos and supporting documents  which you may find easier to print and use to make notes while you are watching the videos.

NICE Guidance and Pathways -  
Supporting document: NICE guidance and pathways
Supporting Slides: Slides

Examination of a patient in a short time -
Supporting document: Examination in a short time
Supporting Slides: Slides

Assessment of a patient with radicular leg pain -
Supporting document: Assessment and treatment of radicular leg pain
Supporting Slides: Slides

Imaging -
Supporting document: Imaging
Supporting Slides: Slides

Red Flags -
Supporting document: Red flags  
Supporting Slides: Slides

As we move into new ways of working, we would like to capture your thoughts on this mode of training to inform future possibilities of delivering education to GPs. We would therefore welcome your feedback in this survey, which when completed, will give you access to a CPD 1 hour accreditation certificate.

Last modified: 10/07/2020