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Host Commissioner guidelines: People diagnosed with a Learning Disability and/or Autism

NHS England and NHS Improvement published Host Commissioner guidance in January 2021. This describes a clear expectation that as the local CCG we ensure that we have assurances and maintain effective quality surveillance of all independent hospitals within our geographical boundaries.  There are seven Independent Hospitals in Derbyshire supporting people with a diagnosis of a mental health condition or a diagnosis of a learning disability and/or autism. The hospitals are caring for people who have been placed by many different Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) into Derbyshire. A list of the hospitals is provided at the end of this page.  Whilst the Host Commissioner guidance relates specifically to the quality of care for people with a diagnosis a Learning Disability and/or Autism at NHS Derby and Derbyshire we have decided to extend elements of the oversight described by NHS England to all people placed within Derbyshire. 

You can review the Host Commissioner guidelines for people diagnosed with a Learning Disability and/or Autism here. 

You can contact us via our Host Commissioner inbox -   

At NHS Derby and Derbyshire CCG our role as Host Commissioner is to:

  • Maintain quality surveillance of our local Independent Hospitals.
  • Be the point of contact for all placing CCGs in relation to quality assurance queries.
  • Collate intelligence and triangulate information to address any quality or safety issues.
  • To share and request intelligence across commissioners placing people in our area.  

The role of CCGs placing in Derbyshire is to:

  • Talk to us prior to admitting a person into Derbyshire.
  • Retain oversight for the clinical care of people you place in our area and ensure you’re your contingency plans are robust.
  • Talk to us about any quality or governance concerns you identify within Derbyshire Independent Hospitals.
  • Collaborate with us when we set up collaborative assurance meetings across CCGs. The purpose of these is to share information across stakeholders and work together to support Independent Hospitals to maintain quality, mitigate risk and resolve concerns.     

Quality Surveillance in Derbyshire

NHS Derby and Derbyshire CCG has a well-established oversight for Independent Hospitals in our area and this includes:

  • Ongoing and supportive contact to seek assurance about the quality of care delivered.
  • Scheduled yearly and responsive quality visits.
  • Quarterly quality submissions against the Derbyshire Quality Schedule.
  • Triangulating other intelligence that arises from other sources such as stakeholders, 6/8-week checks, Care and Treatment Reviews etc.
  • Establishing a formal and collaborative assurance process across placing CCGs and other stakeholders where concerns have been identified. 

Reporting safeguarding concerns

We work very closely with our Local Authority safeguarding Leads to share intelligence about any allegations of abuse or neglect. Should you have any safeguarding concerns or wish to make a safeguarding referral it will be your responsibility as placing CCG to contact the relevant Local Authority. Derby and Derbyshire safeguarding teams will also contact you directly should a local safeguarding concern be raised that involves the person you have placed in Derbyshire. 

For any safeguarding concerns about an independent hospital in Derby City please contact Derby City Adult Social Care Safeguarding Adults Team:

  • Telephone: 01332 642855
  • Online Referral form and additional information about safeguarding is available by clicking here
  • Email:

For any safeguarding concerns about an independent hospital in Derbyshire County please contact Call Derbyshire on:

Please talk to us when you are considering placing a person with a diagnosis of a Learning Disability and/or Autism in Derbyshire.

If you intend to admit a person within Derbyshire we invite you to contact us in advance and we will be able to advise you of any current safety or quality concerns. When contacting us please do not include person identifiable information in your emails. As Host CCG we will never ask for identifiable information about people you place in our area. 

How to tell us about a concern

It is important that CCGs placing in Derbyshire talk to us about any quality or governance concerns they may identify. This will help us triangulate information and also address any identified concerns as Host Commissioner. We also encourage our independent providers to talk to us about concerns that arise.  You can tell us about a concern by completing the following alert form here.

Taking a proportionate response

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Derbyshire Independent Hospitals locations 




The Limes

Main Street, Langwith, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG20 9HD. Telephone: 01623 745 002

Field House

Chesterfield Road, Shirland, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE44 7DT. Telephone: 01773 838 150

Acer Clinic

Worksop Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S43 3DN. Telephone:  01246 386 090

Storthfield House

Storth Lane, South Normanton, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 3AA. Telephone:  01773 515600

The Views

22 Wellington Street, Matlock Derbyshire, DE4 3JP. Telephone:  01629 381 004


Long Lane, Central Drive, Shirebrook, Mansfield, NG20 8BA. Telephone:  01623 741 1730


100 City Gate, London Road, Derby Derbyshire DE24 8WZ. Telephone:  01332 365 434

Last modified: 19/05/2021