Patient Experience

Place City Northwest

Improving the experience of patient, carers and their families is at the heart of everything we do and is a core component of clinical quality. In essence ‘patient experience’ is what the process of care feels like for the patient, their carer and the family and is captured by the quote “people may not remember what you did or what you said but they will remember how it made them feel” 

For us improving the patient experience is dependent on feedback from patients on what actually happened in the course of receiving care or treatment, both the objective facts and their subjective views of it. Although a patient may receive appropriate clinically effective interventions along a care pathway, if these have not been delivered on time, in poor clinical environments, and not communicated in a clear manner, the patient may view this as a disappointing experience. Patient experience is a core component of clinical quality.  

Our key principles are: 

  • We will work with and listen to the people of Derbyshire

  • We will use patient feedback to drive innovation and commission service improvements

  • We will challenge providers if there is evidence of poor patient experiences of care

To deliver this our approach to improving the patient experience is threefold: 

  1. We use a variety of different mechanisms, methods and approaches to engage with patients, their carers and the public to understand their experiences and needs. This includes listening to the patients' stories, using surveys, asking people to keep diaries of their experiences and discussion groups to name a few.

  2. We make sure we have systems and processes in place to ensure the feedback we receive influences the design, delivery and implementation of the services that we commission. This also includes working with stakeholders and service providers to make improvements and measure the effectiveness of these improvements.

  3. We identify the key aspects of a “good experience” and make sure that these are part of the a minimal requirements we ask of service providers when we commission services. 

Published: 16/09/2016