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UPDATE: The Light House consultation closed on Tuesday 3 December 2019. The consultation has been through various governance processes including the CCG Governing Body who has approved the recommendation within the Governing Body Papers:

06.02.2020 Board Pack

02.02.2020 The Lighthouse Consultation Paper
The Light House Residential Services Consultation Report 

The Light House is commissioned by Derbyshire CCGs and Derby City Council. The health part of the service is currently being provided by NutureCare for an interim period.  

Firstly, we want to be clear that the Light House will not be closing. The priority is to make sure respite support continues to be available for Light House service users.  

The CCG and Derby City Council have been reviewing the way these services are offered, alongside other health colleagues, and key to this review is working with you, our services users, parents and carers, to work towards developing a new way of offering respite support once the current provider finishes their work with us. We’re looking at all options, including short and long-term solutions.  

Since November 2018 the CCG and Derby City Council have been meeting with parents and carers to work through the notice period to transition to an interim health provider. The next step is to co-design a suitable long term model that will work for the children and young people who currently use the service, those on the waiting list and importantly the children of the future, and their families and carers. In order to do that, we need to hear from people who use the service or who might be using it in the future. 

Parents and carers have helped us develop the questions we are asking in this consultation, which will allow us to better understand your views on what a good service should look like. 

If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone please contact our Engagement Manager, Claire Haynes, by calling 01332 868 677 or emailing:  

This consultation closes on Tuesday 3 December 2019 5pm. This page will be regularly updated with Frequently Asked Questions.  

Link to information: The Light House Consultation Survey introduction and model description
Link to survey:


1.    When will the LH open more than 3 nights?
At the moment we are working really hard to increase the amount of nights that we are able to offer. As you might be aware, we are working to recruit high quality  staff and ensure they are given adequate training to be able to work and care for children who use the Light House. Derby City Council is developing strict guidelines and putting policies in place for staff to be able to deliver key health needs such as enteral feeds. Once these have been approved by Derby City Council and the CCG, staff will then be able to provide this level of care.

2.    Will nursing nights continue after Christmas?
We are working closely with NurtureCare regarding the options and the staffing rota for the New Year. Our priority is to maintain the service after Christmas 

3.    Are there any other alternative respite options after Christmas to use in Derby and Derbyshire?
There are other places that provide social care led services for example The Getaway in Ilkeston who accept children with the same types of needs at the Light House apart from those with the most complex physical care health needs.

4. Why are not parents involved in the recruitment process at The light House?
The City Council have been following approved HR processes for the recruitment. The interview panel consists of key members of Light House staff along with a parent/carer. If you have additional questions please contact Sam Watts – Manager, The Light House.

5. What’s the care planning process, how’s in being done, how are health professional involved eg KITE, OT, physio? 
All parents and carers have a detailed care plan for each child that uses the Light House. The care plan includes all the relevant information for that child which staff at the Light House need in order to give that child the best care. For example; personal information about the child’s day, what type of care they need, what to do in a crisis, These are approved and signed off by each parent/carer and staff at the Light House.

6. What can parents and carers do in a crisis?
Parents and carers must follow their detailed care plan, This will include details of what to do in a crisis. There has been no change to this. The only changes will be if  health professionals known to the child make any recommended changes. Any general concerns about care should be directed to Sam Watts the Light House Manager. Any specific queries about health care at the Light House should be to Zoe Walters lead nurse from Nurture care

7. Is the recruitment complete for staff at Light House?
Derby City Council staff have been working really hard to ensure they get the right staff working at The Light House. They are leading on the recruitment are gradually recruiting staff new staff.  It’s important we get the right people, we need high quality and can’t compromise on speed. We want to do it once and do it well.   We are aware it is taking longer than expected. There are will be another round of interviews in early November. Once staff have been appointed they then need training which can take between 6 weeks to 3 months depending on their skills and where they have worked before.   

8. How is the staff training going?
Derby City Council staff are working really hard alongside NutureCare to train staff to a very high standard ensuring that no child is at risk and therefore cannot compromise each step of this long process. 

Last modified: 06/03/2020