Risk Management

The Risk Management Strategy and Governing Body Assurance Framework (GBAF) underpin the CCG’s wider risk management framework and describe the organisation’s approach to risk management, including risk appetite tolerance. This can be found here. The strategy defines responsibilities for risk management and associated governance arrangements including reporting arrangements to the Governing Body. It is intended to promote and embed best practice throughout the organisations and is applicable to all levels of risk. 

The CCG has established a new Risk Management Framework Standard Operating Procedure which applies to all CCG staff members who propose to add a new risk to the CCGs Corporate Risk Register for final approval at Governing Body. This procedure aims to ensure that the CCG has a consistent process in place and standard for all staff to follow, and ensures that the correct authorisation mechanisms have been undertaken prior and during the approval process. Click here to access the Risk Management Framework Standard Operating Procedure.

Governing Body Assurance Framework (GBAF) 

The Governing Body Assurance Framework (GBAF) provides a structure and process that enables the organisation to focus on the strategic and principal risks that might compromise the CCG in achieving its corporate objectives.  It also maps out both the key controls that should be in place to manage those objectives and associated strategic risks, and confirms that the Governing Body has sufficient assurance about the effectiveness of the controls.

During 2019/20 the Governing Body has strengthened the GBAF to incorporate the implementation and embedding of the measurement of progress in the achievement of the CCG strategic aims, including the mapping of performance targets. This has supported the achievement of our aims and performance targets through the Organisational Effectiveness and Improvement Programme Board (OEIPB) work streams and the Clinical Commissioning Strategy outcomes.

The Governing Body reviewed and agreed the CCG’s Strategic Objectives on the 6th May 2021.

The Corporate Committees responsible for their assigned strategic risks.

The approved 2021/22 Strategic Risks are as follows:

1.  Lack of timely data, insufficient system ownership and ineffective commissioning may prevent the ability of the CCG to improve health and reduce health inequalities. This is of particular concern during the COVID pandemic where some people may not be able to access usual services or alternatives.

2.  The CCG is unable to identify priorities for variation reduction and reduce or eliminate them.

3.  Ineffective system working may hinder the creation of a sustainable health and care system by failing to deliver the scale of transformational change needed at the pace required.

4A.  Derbyshire health system is unable to manage demand, reduce costs and deliver sufficient savings to enable the CCG to move to a sustainable financial position.

4B.  The Derbyshire health system is unable to manage demand, reduce costs and deliver sufficient savings to enable the system to move to a sustainable   financial position.

5.  The Derbyshire population is not sufficiently engaged to identify and jointly deliver the services that patients need.

6.  The CCG does not achieve the national requirements for the Covid-19 Vaccination Programme and have robust operational models in place for the continuous sustainable delivery of the Vaccination Programme

7.  CCG staff retention and morale during the transition will be adversely impacted due to uncertainty of process and implications of the transfer to the ICS, despite the NHSEI continuity of employment promise.

8.  If the CCG is not ready to transfer its functions or has failed to comprehensively and legally close down the organisation,  or if the system is not ready to receive the functions of the CCG, the ICS operating model cannot be fully established.


Quarter 1 GBAF can be found here 
Quarter 2 GBAF can be found
Quarter 3 GBAF can be found 
Quarter 4 GBAF can be found here


Quarter 1 GBAF can be found here

Strategic Aims 

 The 2021/22 Strategic Objectives of Derby and Derbyshire CCG are reflective of our final year of operation as a CCG and recognises the transition into the ICS:
1.  Safely and legally transition the statutory functions of the CCG into the ICS, and safely deliver the disestablishment of the CCG. 

2.  Deliver the commitments made in response to the Operating Plan, with a focus on reducing health inequalities and improving outcomes for the people of Derbyshire, and continuing to support the system during transition to maintain a strategic focus on overall health outcomes / health inequalities.

3.  Continue with the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccination programme and ensure a sustainable planning and operational model is in place.

4.  Support the development of a recovering and sustainable health and care economy that operates within available resources, achieves statutory financial duties and meets NHS Constitutional standards.

5.  Support our staff in the delivery of the above and transition into an ICS, through continued health and wellbeing programmes and effective communication and engagement.

6.  Continue to further develop and implement new and transformational ways of working that have been developed in response to Covid. 

7.  Work in partnership with stakeholders and engage with our population to achieve the above objectives where appropriate.

Last modified: 30/07/2021