Public Involvement

Our commitment and approach to ensuring that our public and patients are involved at every opportunity in the work that we do. This is even more important as the Derbyshire health and care system moves towards becoming an Integrated Care System and this year has seen a difference in the way that the system as a whole engages with our public and patients and also how system partners engage with one another. Our commitment to ensuring that we continually improve our approach to public and patient involvement remains as one of the highest priorities.

In April 2017 NHS England published revised guidance entitled: “Patient and public participation in commissioning health care: Statutory guidance for Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS England”.

The guidance contains 10 key actions for clinical commissioning groups to embed involvement in their work:

  • Involve the public in governance
  • Explain public involvement in commissioning plans
  • Demonstrate public involvement in Annual Reports
  • Promote and publicise public involvement
  • Assess, plan and take action to involve
  • Feedback and evaluate
  • Implement assurance and improvement systems
  • Advance equality and reduce health inequality
  • Provide support for effective engagement
  • Hold providers to account

This part of our website is here to demonstrate how we keep in line with this guidance and our own commitment to our communities as we move towards becoming an Integrated Care System.

To see more on Engagement opportunities including public Consultations see the 'Have Your Say' part of our website or click here.

Last modified: 29/01/2020